Help and Documentation

What is Loose Leaves?

Loose Leaves is a Mac app that lets you create "leaves": lightweight, beautiful, hosted pages created instantly from the Markdown you write. You can get the app from the Mac App Store.

How do I create leaves?

Once you have the app, just select the Markdown you want to share, use the keyboard shortcut (⇧⌘C) and you instantly get back a beautifully formatted, secure link you can pass around. The secure link is even copied to your clipboard for you, so you can quickly paste the link wherever you want to share it.

What is the keyboard shortcut for creating leaves?

The keyboard shortcut is [⇧ shift] + [⌘ command] + [ C ] by default. You can think of it like copying (⌘C), but with a little more ⇧. You can change the shortcut to something else in System Preferences.

What do leaves look like?

Loose Leaves honors the basic Markdown syntax, as invented and described by John Gruber. The styles are largely similar to the styles in this help article.

Here's a sample of the styles:

# This is an H1

## This is an H2

### This is an H3

#### This is an H4

##### This is an H5
###### This is an H6

This is a sample paragraph. Paragraphs have a bit of margin at the top and bottom, but otherwise have little embellishment so that the other elements can stand out.

*This is something with emphasis.*

**This is something with extra emphasis.**

For the more adventurous, Loose Leaves also honors style tags at the top of your leaves and inline styles on HTML elements. You can even use images, as long they are hosted somewhere on the web with a reachable URL.

Who can see my leaf?

Anyone with the secure link can see your leaf. Each link includes a long, randomly-generated token, so the link is essentialy impossible to guess. The link also uses industry standard SSL(TLS) encryption, so the contents and tokens of your links shouldn't leak during transit. Leaves are setup to not be indexed by search engines.

Still, because leaves do not require any additional password or other authentication to be seen, you should not share highly-sensitive information using Loose Leaves.

How much does Loose Leaves cost?

Loose Leaves is free to use. Eventually Loose Leaves will also have some premium paid features. If you have any ideas for premium features, please send them along.

Who made this?

I did. Hi!

I installed the app, but it doesn't seem to be doing anything. Why can't I make leaves?

Sorry about that. There are still a few known issues with Loose Leaves. The most common are: (1) Loose Leaves doesn't work with Atom-based text editors (no fix yet), (2) The keyboard shortcut conflicts with a keyboard shortcut in another app you're using, ( Here's the fix ), (3) The Loose Leaves service wasn't properly registered by your Mac ( Here's the fix ). If you run into any other problems, please let me know.

What if I have another question?

Please email me! I'd love to help.